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Board of honors
Hospital management and organization
Hospital history
Landmarks in the history of Kasr El Aini
Vision and mission statement
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Board of honors

The previous chairmen of the board:
      · Prof. Dr. Mofid Shehab: Minister of higher (university) education.
Prof. Dr. Farouk Esmail: Professor of engineering & senator (member) of state
        consultative council (court).

The previous deputies of the chairman of the board:
       · Prof. Dr. Motaz El – Sherbiny: Surgery professor and previous Dean of the
         Faculty of Medicine.
       · Prof. Dr. Saleh Bedir: Orthopaedics professor and previous Dean of the
         Faculty of Medicine.

The previous directors of the hospital:

 Prof. Dr. Foad El – Nawawy: Head of the intensive care unit of internal
         medicine (1995 – 2000).
 Prof. Dr. Madiha Kattab: Internal medicine professor, Dean of the
        Faculty of Medicine, and the current deputy of the chairman of the board (2000-2002)
 Prof. Dr. Said Rateb:  Professor of General Surgery and current director general of
         the national health insurance organization .( 2002-2004)
 Prof. Dr. Ibrahem Elebrashy : Internal medicine professor, Kasr El Aini hospital

Hospital management and organization


New Kasr El Aini Teaching Hospital is a 1200 beds that is under governance of a board of directors formed of 26 members who represent both Cairo University and Kasr El Aini professors.

The board meets every 3 months to decide on all policies and strategies of the hospital.
The current board members are:
1 Prof.Dr. Aly Abd El Rahman Head of Cairo University
2 Prof.Dr. Madiha Kattab Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
3 Prof.Dr. Kamal El – Menoufi Dean of faculty of Economics and Political sciences
4 Prof.Dr. Salah El – Ghazaly Deputy Dean for Educational Matters
5 Prof.Dr. Ayman El Garf Deputy Dean for Post graduate studies
6 Prof.Dr. Hazem Abd El – Azeem Deputy Dean for  community and environment matters
7 Prof.Dr. Maha Mourad Professor of Peadiatrics
8 Prof.Dr. Amr Mansey Head of Neurosurgery departments council
9 Prof.Dr. Mohamed Tarek Abd El Shafi Head of Orthopaedics departments council
10 Prof.Dr. Samir Abd El Hamid Galal Head of surgery departments council
11 Prof.Dr. Soliman Nasr Sayed Head of internal medicine departments council
12 Prof.Dr. Basmat Omar Dean of nursing faculty
13 Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd Allah Sharaf Head of Radiodiagnosis departments council
14 Prof.Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Gad Head of anaesthesia departments council
15 Prof.Dr. Mohamed Magdi Head of Cardiothoracic departments council
16 Prof.Dr. Raweya Ezat Head of Gynae and Obs. departments council
17 Prof.Dr. Seif El Din El Kateb Head of Urosurgery departments council
18 Prof.Dr. Zohair El Hoshy Head of ENT department council pathology
19 Prof.Dr. Walaa Gad Head of clinical pathology departments council
20 Prof.Dr. Alia Abd El Fatah Head of Critical care departments council
21 Prof.Dr. Effat Abd El Nabi Head of Opthalmology departments council
22 Prof.Dr. Ashraf Hatem General Director of Cairo University Hospitals  Professor of Chest Medicine
23 Prof.Dr. Mahmoud El - Manaway (NA) Professor Kasr El Aini
24 Prof.Dr. Osama Elwain (NA) Professor Kasr El Aini
25 Prof.Dr. Sheriff Omar Dean - Cancer Institute
26 Prof.Dr. Helmi El – Hadidy (NA) Professor Kasr El Aini

The hospital manger, Prof. Dr. Maha Mourad professor of Peadiatrics, Puts the operational plans to achieve the goals of the hospital in medical care, educational affairs, financial matters and quality issues. The hospital manager is assisted by three medical professors who supervise the day to day  running of the departments of the hospital.

The current assistants are: 

1.     Prof.Dr. Omar Atef: Professor of Peadiatrics

2.     Prof.Dr. Medhat El – Refaee: Assistant manager for medical care issues.

3.     Prof.Dr. Hani Hafez: Assistant manager for Educational Matters.

The administration of the hospital coordinates between the different services and departments to achieve the best quality of care for the patient as well as provide an excellent educational service in a financially stable environment.


Hospital history


The first national school has been established in Egypt due to the efforts of Antwan Brtly Clot (Clot Bek), and it was attached to the military hospital in “Abo Zabal”.
Antwan Brtly Clot (Clot Bek)
was a famous doctor form  France who came to occupy the chief doctor and surgeon of the Egyptian army


'Abo Zabal' medical school was moved to 'Kasr EL AINI' and was named in the honor of its owner Ahmed Ben EL Aini who built it in 1466
1838 The first school for midwifery in Kasr El Aini Hospital
1848 Clot Bek resigned and went back to France
1855 Clot Bek came back to Egypt, and was appointed director of medical school and Kasr El Aini Hospital
1858 Clot Bek returned Back to France for health reasons, and ended with it 33 years of service in the medical care field and medical education in Egypt
1925 Medical school and Kasr El Aini Hospital joined Cairo University and Dr. Welson was appointed the director
1929 Dr. Aly Basha Ebrahim was appointed the Dean of the faculty and Hospital, and stayed in his post until 1940
1980 New Kasr El Aini was taken down to be replaced by a new building that can cope with all the new medical requirements.
1984 Signature of contract to build the New Kasr El Aini Hospital with a French consortium formed from Sogya Company, Eypoty De Franc company and Set Folky.
1995 Cairo university published certificate of receipt of the New Kasr El Aini Hospital form the French group in Nov, and started the first employment stage
1996 The President Mohamed Hosseni Mubarak and the French President Jack Shirak inaugurated the New Kasr El Aini on the 8 th of April

Landmarks in the history of Kasr El Aini

The old Kasr El Aini hospital served the faculty of medicine since 1837 till the early eighties when it was decided to pull it down and rebuild it again.

 In 1984, the actual work started in the new building while  supplying it with all the state of the art medical equipments so as to serve medical education and patient care and make Kasr El Eini a unit of special nature that serves medical research in the Middle East.

 This project was completed by a contract between Cairo University and a French Consortium in 1984. The consortium was formed from Sogya Company contractor for building work, Eypoty De France company to supply the medical equipments, and Set Folky the consultant engineers.

The actual work in the hospital project started in 1986 and took 9 years, and finished in Nov 1995. It has costed 800 Million French Frances plus around 150 Million Egyptian Pounds.

This project was under supervision in all its stages of three committees approved by Cairo University

1.      The building committee.

2.     The finances administrative committee.

3.     The medical committee.

The committees were formed from professors of  Cairo University in different specialties.

           The teaching hospital was then given the status of a unit of special nature that allows it more freedom from routine restrictions and gives it a chance to offer the best medical education and patient care services in the region.

Vision and mission statement

New Kasr El Aini Teaching Hospital is an educationally oriented medical establishment with a vision that is inspired from the the excellent background and history of both Cairo University and Kasr El Aini medical school. The New Kasr El Aini hospital aims to become a center of excellence in health care provision and continuous medical education matching all internationally recognized quality standards of thus allowing it to accredited in the international arena.

Quality Policy:

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Total Quality Management (TQM) in the Hospital:

New Kasr El Aini Teaching Hospital is considered one of the biggest establishment of medical service in Egypt and middle east, that qualified it to be pioneer for other hospitals to obtain the ISO certificate in quality control according to ISO 2008:9001 in fields of health care and educational one after obtaining the conformity certificate in May 2002, then in July 2005, then June 2008 according to the standard 2008:9001 in June 2009 through American system record organization ASR.

This department applies the quality control system through planning execution the internal audit on all administrations and units by a team of internal auditors, that have selected from different jobs (Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, officers) and have been trained carefully by different training courses.
- Diploma in Quality control in health care from AUC.
- International Quality control auditor from BSI (British standard institute).
- Courses on the principles of Quality control.


ISO Certificate:

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